About the founders


Kristoffer Nygaard

Kristoffer is a numbers guy. Often, his first question will be ’how do you know?’ when debating effectiveness on social media. With experience from various global media agencies, he has seen more reports than most and is an evidence-led marketer with arguments rooted in data and analysis.

Mikkel Rossing

With experience from a social SaaS business, Denmark’s largest telco as well as the agency side, Mikkel has gained different perspectives on how different types of organizations work with social media marketing and what’s important when building the best social analytics and insights tool.

Why we built deepdivr

It all started in 2011 when companies rushed to Facebook – the new, shiny kid on the block. It was a virtual playground where companies could reach out to a huge fan base in an instant, and it was even free! At that point, few thought about impact, brand strategy or effectiveness. You just had to be there.

A lot has happened since then… Today, the news feed positions are won through relevancy and big budgets that are increasing every year – that’s why it’s now more important than ever to know what content and strategies drive performance. And that’s why we’ve built deepdivr. A simple and efficient paid social media tool that helps you improve performance – and one that aims to best in class.

deepdivr idea illustration

We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.