Which type are you?

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Digital Director

With deepdivr, you can be sure that your budget is in good hands and that you’ll always get the highest return possible. Our platform automatically monitors your campaigns and lets the team know when changes are needed. We’ll also help you show the value that you’re getting from your social media marketing and enable you to easily compare platforms against one another to see how you should split your budget to improve results.


  • You’re in charge of the client and the team’s performance. It’s your responsibility that ROI is as high as possible
  • You would like to keep track of performance and stay in control, but you simply don’t have to time to do so
  • Your team spends more time on reporting than what was agreed with the client
  • You have a high employee turnover which means that you risk losing valuable experience


A tool that shows performance and results in a clear and easy way

A tool that sends you weekly/monthly summaries at the click of a button reporting

A tool that lets you create reporting templates which saves your team a large amount of time on reporting and analysis

A tool that saves all historical benchmarks and notes

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Buyer / Planner

You might have a ton of campaigns all running at the same time – but don’t worry. With deepdivr, you can rest assured that you’ll be notified if performance drops and you need to make changes. But not only that, we’ll actually tell you what to change. Your job will be easier than ever before.


  • Your client expects you to know the perfect split between lots of ad formats and several social media in a business where algorithms and trends change all the time
  • You don’t have time to plan campaigns and think of innovations so you often end up with the same recommendation
  • You have many live campaigns for different clients with different optimization goals all running at the same time and you don’t have time to monitor them as closely as you should
  • You sometimes worry that you’ve made an error in the setup and wasted your client’s money


A cross-platform tool that helps you plan campaigns and estimate results based on your own historical performance or our benchmarks

A planner tool that tells you how much money to spend or how many people to target

A tool that can recommend changes to your campaigns to improve performance

A tool that enables you to create notification rules, so you’ll always know if performance is worse than expected

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Tired of creating endless campaign reports and handling multiple stakeholders? Worry no more! With deepdivr you can create and share reports in just a few minutes. Create your own templates, choose your own colours and let deepdivr do the rest. Easy peasy.


  • You don’t have a tool that handles data and performance across multiple social media so you need to export data from each platform and crunch it manually in Excel
  • You lack a better overview across multiple channels since metrics aren’t calculated in the same way
  • You have many repetitive tasks that you need to do each week/month manually
  • You spend way too much time creating reports
  • Your client often asks for quick insights during campaigns but it takes time to do the analysis and provide a status
  • Your client always wants the results as soon as campaigns are finished


A cross-platform tool that saves you tons of time on data gathering and number crunching

A tool that already calculates some of the most common metrics such as view-through rates and conversion rates across platforms

A tool that lets you create reports directly in excel or powerpoint – and you can even add your own comments before you export it

A tool that automates trivial tasks such as campaign/weekly/monthly reports using your own templates

A tool that enables you to take quick campaign snapshots that shows current status

A tool that lets you create reporting templates so you can create your report as soon as the campaign is finished