Tips & tricks to make sure you get the most out of

your social media marketing

Which placement should I use for my ad?

Facebook offers 15 ad placements across four platforms, two devices, and 11 objectives. Needless to say, you’re well equipped to make the right decision if you know the difference. In this post, I’ll to walk you through all the placements and things to consider when setting up your campaign or ad.

Stop focusing on interactions and start winning!

A lot of brands consider engagement as the key to success on social media. But can you be successful even if you don’t have thousands of engaged followers? Of course, you can! Stop caring about engagement metrics and start looking at the metrics that actually matter to your business.

Why a simple image can outperform your video

When creating content for social media, you often hear the same advice: use video. Users consume more video than ever before, and the distribution is cheaper. But there’s an important part of the equation that is often left out, and that’s the amount of resources – time and money – being put into producing the videos.

How to get the most out of your social budgets

Having worked with social media marketing for the past 7 years, we know that the industry has changed a lot. Back in the days all businesses cared about was growing the fan base and get a lot of engagement. They didn’t have to think about paid media because you could reach almost all the followers organically.

How to master naming in Facebook Business Manager

Do you know the feeling when you log into Facebook’s Business Manager and you can’t find what you are looking for? For example, when you need to benchmark your recent campaign with a previous one last year, or you need to find the ad that performed really well last month. You know, the one with the cool video.


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