Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When should I use deepdivr?

To get the most out of deepdivr, we recommend that you use it both during and after your campaigns. The tool is created to help you out in both scenarios. During a campaign, our development graphs and budget pacing is just what you need to stay up to date on your campaign performance and adapt your campaign before performance drops. After the campaign has ended, our campaign overview, performance breakdowns and top-line summary gives you the full picture of your campaign performance.

How should I use deepdivr during my campaign?

During a campaign, our performance breakdown allows you to see performance trends and adapt your campaign before performance drops. It could be that you’re now paying 50% more per click or impression that you were a week ago. You would be able to detect that in an instant through deepdivr’s visualisations, whereas Facebook Ads Manager would only show you the average CPM or CPC for the full campaign period as the default setting.

How should I use deepdivr after my campaign is finished?

After a campaign, deepdivr enables you to save time on data gathering and visualisations. We’ve already created the charts and benchmarks you need for your reports.   Furthermore, for future planning, you can use our breakdowns to learn what worked well and what to do differently for your next campaign.

How is deepdivr different from the big enterprise solutions?

deepdivr solely focus on analytics. That is why we aim to create the best analytics tool and make sure we stay on top. A big social media suite can definitely help on a variety of tasks but not everyone needs all features that you pay for.

Should I use deepdivr instead of the big enterprise solutions?

No, not necessarily. We strongly believe that deepdivr can be an add on to your existing enterprise solution. We will never be a suite. We will focus on always offering the best social media analytics tool. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Can I access historical data?

Of course you can! Our subscriptions let you take a deepdive into the exact campaigns you want. Whether it’s an ongoing campaign or one that ended a year ago.

Do you cover Instagram?

Yes we do. deepdivr lets you evaluate social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We strive to continue to make the platform better, which includes new features and platforms that we do not cover at the moment.

Do you cover other social platforms?

At the moment we cover Facebook and Instagram. However, it is our intention to expand the range of platforms that we support on an ongoing basis.

Why does deepdivr only focus on ads (and not organic)?

We’re not saying that organic does not matter… ok yes, that is what we’re saying! We believe that too many companies spend too much time focusing on organic reach and results which account for very little effect for 99 out of 100 companies. Sure, it’s nice if you can get up to 5% organic reach, but the big performance driver will still be the 95% paid reach and that’s what we believe marketers should focus on.


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