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Ensuring performance. Always.

With deepdivr, it’ll only take you seconds to learn how you can improve your campaigns. With our fully automated goal setting, alerts and recommendations, you have everything you need to ensure performance never drops.

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Let the platform do the work for you. deepdivr will crunch all data and recommend changes to your active campaigns to improve performance.



deepdivr can monitor your campaign for you! Get a notification when it’s time to adjust your campaign, based on your own targets.

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Audience Insights

Break down your results to reveal insights that will improve your performance. You will quickly be able to learn from whom, where and what you get the best results.

“Increased our social ROI”

deepdivr makes sure that our campaigns are as effective as possible.
Their platform and advice help us achieve the best results. 

Henkrik Andersen
Director, Digital & Social

Calculate your savings

Try our calculator and see your potential optimisation savings using deepdivr. 

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Client Case Study

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Purchases per Day

+ 90%

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Cost per Purchase

– 50%

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Conversion Rate

+ 40%

Hilfr is a platform for private cleaning, making it easy to find and book cleaning help in your home via hilfr.dk


deepdivr helped me figure out where to focus my effort. It has resulted in a greatly improved effect from my marketing, while reducing the amount of time I’m spending in business manager.

Dennis True

Hilfr is a platform for private cleaning, making it easy to find and book cleaning help in your home via hilfr.dk

Increasing the number of new customers and bookings on their online cleaning platform without increasing budget for paid social.

Using deepdivr’s recommendation feature and overviews to quickly locate best performing tactics and sort out bad performing ads and target groups.

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We also have other great features!

Estimations & Planning

Use our estimator and planner to forecast performance and set the right budget for your campaigns

Complete Ads Overview

Looking for a nice overview of your ads? Look no further. We got all your ads in one place, listed with a KPI of your own choice. Previews included.

Multiple Benchmarks

Benchmark your results against a single campaign, a group of campaigns, or the entire ad account. You’ll always know if your results are good or bad.

Powerpoint Report Builder

With our report builder, you have everything you need to deliver thorough and beautiful reports! Additionally, we offer Excel and PDF exports.

Custom Templates

Saving your reporting settings, or the setup of your dashboards has never been easier. With deepdivr, you’ll spend no time on tedious, repeatable tasks.


Let the deepdivr platform analyze your campaign results and propose improvements for your upcoming campaigns.

Upcoming platform integrations

We’re always adding new features and platforms. Here are some of the platforms on our roadmap. Interested in knowing when? Let’s have a chat.