Cross-Platform Reporting

Get it done in One Place.

Export your customized report to your preferred file format with just the click of a button. With deepdivr you get a fully customizable report styled with your own brand colours, so it’s immediately ready to pass on to any stakeholders.

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Powerpoint Report Builder

With our report builder, you have everything you need to deliver thorough and beautiful reports! Additionally, we offer Excel and PDF exports.


Custom Templates

Saving your reporting settings, or the setup of your dashboards has never been easier. With deepdivr, you’ll spend no time on tedious, repeatable tasks. 


Multiple benchmarks

Benchmark your results against a single campaign, a group of campaigns, or against the entire ad account. You’ll always know if your results are good or bad.

“75% time saved”

We save a lot of time collecting and analyzing data. I believe we save approx. 75 % of the time we used to spend on reporting in Facebook’s Business Manager. deepdivr provides easy-to-use templates in our own brand colors which makes it easy for us to share with internal and external stakeholders.

Cecilie Foss
Digital Marketing Manager

Reporting Calculator

Try our calculator and see your potential optimisation savings using deepdivr. 

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We also have other great features!

Quick Summary Exports

Create yearly, quarterly, monthly or even weekly reports at the click of a button. Add periods for comparison and export your report. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Top Performing Ads

Looking for a nice overview of your ads? Look no further. We got all your ads in one place, listed with a KPI of your own choice. Previews included.


Let the deepdivr platform analyze your campaign results and propose improvements for your upcoming campaigns.


The system will crunch all your data and recommend changes to your active campaigns to improve performance.

Automated alerts

Get notified if your performance drops and use our recommendations to get back on track. Targets can be set manually or imported from benchmarks.

Estimations & planning

Use our estimator and planner to forecast performance and set the right budget for your campaigns

Upcoming platform integrations

We’re always adding new features and platforms. Here are some of the platforms on our roadmap. Interested in knowing when? Let’s have a chat.