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We know that you’re probably busy with tons of different things but optimizing social media campaigns doesn’t need to be one of them – at least not with deepdivr. You can spend your time on more important stuff and let our platform monitor your campaign and recommend changes when they are needed. You can also use our database to benchmark against all other clients to see how your business is performing.


  • Social media is just one of your many responsibilities so you’d like to spend as little time on it as possible
  • You’re responsible for budget and ROI and have to constantly evaluate whether you’re spending the money wisely
  • You lack a better overview across multiple channels since metrics aren’t calculated in the same way
  • You’re unsure how you can optimize ads or campaigns to make sure that you increase the effectiveness and reach the goals
  • You need more insights and best practices from other companies similar to yours


A tool that quickly visualises current performance – you can get it sent to your mailbox on a weekly basis

A tool that lets you benchmark with our huge database, with selected industry benchmarks or with your own campaigns

A tool that already calculates some of the most common metrics such as view-through rates and conversion rates across platforms

A tool that can automatically recommend changes to your campaigns to improve performance

A tool with multiple benchmarking options and automated recommendations

Client Case Study


Hilfr is a platform for private cleaning, making it easy to find and book cleaning help in your home via

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Purchases per Day

+ 90%

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Cost per Purchase

– 50%

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Conversion Rate

+ 40%


Increasing the number of new customers and bookings on their online cleaning platform without increasing budget for paid social.


Using deepdivr’s recommendation feature and overviews to quickly locate best performing tactics and sort out bad performing ads and target groups.

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